New members to our medical team

New members to our medical team

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Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce two new members to our medical team Dr. Tsolmon Mendsaikhan and Dr. Ganzroig Gerelt.

Dr Tsolmon Mendsaikhan

We are pleased to announce the hire of our new paediatrician, Dr Tsolmon Mendsaikhan, to the medical team based at our Zaisan branch.

Dr Tsolmon obtained her medical degree from the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences and her post graduate residency in paediatrics at the Child & Maternity Hospital in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Dr Tsolmon has spent the last two years gaining experience in a private obstetric health clinic whilst being involved in a paediatric research study associated with the Mongolian Health initiative, Harvard University and the National Institute of Health USA

We would like to welcome Dr Tsolmon Mendsaikhan to SOS Medica Mongolia

Dr Ganzorig Gerelt

We would like to welcome Dr Ganzorig Gerelt who recently joined our dental practice at SOS Medica Mongolia clinic.

Dr Ganzorig graduated from the Ach Medical Institute in General Dentistry followed by a post graduate residency program in oral and maxilla-facial surgery at the Health Science University of Mongolia.

Dr Ganzorig has spent the last eight years at a private clinic in Ulaanbaatar practicing as a general dentist and oral maxilla-facial surgeon. He is presently pursuing a Masters Degree in his chosen profession.

We are pleased to announce the hire of Dr Ganzorig to our dental team at SOS Medica Mongolia

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