International Trauma Life Support Training

International Trauma Life Suport Training


International SOS, together with SOS Medica Mongolia, recently held its first of four “International Trauma Life Support” courses to be held over the next three months.


The ITLS course is a global standard in the management of trauma, endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians, and stresses the rapid assessment and identification of immediate life threatening conditions with the appropriate intervention of a trauma patient.


The course is being provided by four in-house certified ITLS instructors to provide all of our medical staff, both working in the main and remote site clinics, the knowledge and hands-on skills to take better care of trauma patients whether this be during a medical transfer or in an emergency facility.









Таны сонорт

  • Холбоо барих

    • 4а байр, Их тойруу, 15-р хороолол, 7-р хороо, Баянзүрх дүүрэг, Улаанбаатар, Монгол улс
      Утас: +976-11464325 /26 /27 (English speaking) Emergency: +976-91913122
      Факс: +976-11454537
    • Хан уул дүүрэг, 1р хороо, Зайсан төв, 2р давхар Улаанбаатар, Монгол улс
      Утас: +976-77114325 +976-99571180 (English speaking) Emergency: +976-91913122