Vaxigrip Tetra flu vaccine has arrived (for 6 months and above years old)

Vaxigrip Tetra flu vaccine has arrived (for 6 months and above years old)

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Vaxigrip Tetra (for 6 months and above years old), one of the top vaccines recommended by the World Health Organization, has arrived at Medica Mongolia for the 2020 flu vaccination program.  Due to the high global demand in 2020, we have experienced an extremely limited supply.  Hence, we encourage our members and non-members to make an appointment as soon as possible.


  • Please note that, under the current lockdown conditions due to Covid-19, it is necessary to make an appointment well in advance to allow our medical staff maintain strict control over and take all necessary measures during the vaccination process to protect our patients from infection.  Therefore, please understand that any delayed arrival at the vaccination facility will/may result in the need to reschedule the appointment.
  • Please wear a face mask to protect yourself others.
  • Influenza vaccine recipients must be free of allergy to eggs and not having a fever and/or other flu-like symptoms at the time of vaccination.

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