First aid training

In Mongolia, the response of primary medical care including ambulance services cannot be relied upon to mobilize at a moment’s notice. Delays due to remote locations may require essential first aid skills to be provided as a vital first response. Our first aid training courses are designed to ensure that individuals are equipped with the essential first aid skills for rendering first aid in any location.


We equip people with the skills and knowledge to provide the right medical equipment for first responders to use at the right time – especially when time is critical to saving a life. From basic to advanced first aid, we’ll deliver sufficient skills needed for your non-medical employees to adequately respond to and manage an initial emergency until professional healthcare is available.


We offer two different types of first aid training courses to our clients:

  • American Heart Association Heartsaver® CPR AED + First Aid Course - is a certified comprehensive first aid training course with an emphasis on practical applications.
  • First Aid Basics Course - covers all of the fundamentals of first aid training and ensures that students are equipped with the basic first aid skills.

Certification and Manual 

A certificate of attendance and a comprehensive first aid manual will be issued upon completion of this course


First Aid Kits

In order to fully utilize everything you have learned, first aid kits are just as important as the first aid training. The following types of first aid kits are available at our pharmacy for purchase.

  • Vehicle
  • Home and Office
  • Groups


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