Physiotherapy and Traditional Medicine

SOS Medica Mongolia’s Physical Rehabilitation, Pain Management and Traditional Medicine Clinic medical team’s sole objective is to help their patients to return to routine and favorite physical activities as soon as possible. Each patient receives a tailored and individualized treatment plan specific to his/her needs.


These types of specialized programs are likely to include:

  • Extensive patient education
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Skilled manual and applied therapy


When appropriate, our medical team uses combinations of traditional medicine treatments with physical rehabilitation methodologies to achieve better results and accelerate patient’s recovery.  We are able to consult and treat both adult and pediatric patients.


Our science based approach uses the body’s inherent and natural healing powers to promote, maintain and restore one’s physical, psychological and social well-being. In treatment, we emphasize on an individualized hands-on approach and use a variety of techniques and equipments to restore the body’s movements and functions. We aim to treat the cause of the problem and provide information to help our patients prevent recurrence. Apart from working with individuals we can provide assessments, classes, and various other educational sessions for groups at home, in schools or at the office.


Understanding the notion "health" in Traditional Medicine:


Health is an expression of balance between the two opposite energies called арга - билэг (Yin and Yang in Chinese) inside the human body. When these two opposites are imbalanced, disease occurs. The two energies must be in balance not only in the body as a whole, but also within each and every organ, as well as in the relationship between the organs.


Advantages of Traditional Medicine:


  • It applies only natural medications and non-pharmaceutical treatments in healing. Thus, it is less harmful and void of any kind of side-effects
  • It has a good curative effect and it is capable of eradicating diseases from the bottom of the roots, by restoring the balance of elements and energies within the organs and in the body as a whole
  • It is far less costly than modern medicine
  • Its methods of diagnosing disorders in the body is far more sensitive than any modern laboratory tests! Thus, it is able to reveal even those sub-clinical symptoms, that do not appear in X-ray or laboratory tests, so many people unnecessarily suffer from



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