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Our clinic utilizing Canon Medical Aquilion Prime, providing Computed Tomography Scanner /CT Scan/ service

Our hospital is utilizing the Canon Medical Aquilion Prime 160 computed tomography (CT) scanner, which was introduced in 2022 by the leading Japanese healthcare technology company, Canon Medical. This state-of-the-art CT scanner enables us to provide high-resolution images, reducing the likelihood of missed diagnoses and facilitating rapid imaging processes. It also contributes to lower radiation exposure for patients, ensuring their safety.

Computed tomography imaging provides precise diagnostic information, particularly crucial in cases involving acute medical conditions. It serves as a golden standard imaging technique for evaluating various aspects such as hemorrhage, fractures, and abnormalities associated with traumatic injuries and pathological conditions. Moreover, it enables the assessment of injuries related to trauma, facilitating the identification of fractures, internal bleeding, and other potentially life-threatening complications without the need for invasive procedures.